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If your debt is more than you can handle and you face possible foreclosure on your home, contact a Mansfield, OH, bankruptcy attorney immediately. Filing bankruptcy will grant you immediate relief by putting a stay on the foreclosure and allowing you time to discuss what steps to take with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13

Everyone who files bankruptcy must take certain financial counseling classes. This is a requirement that your attorney will discuss with you. Before determining what chapter of the bankruptcy code works for your specific situation, you must first take a means test. This is a financial test which helps determine if you have sufficient income to repay all or a portion of your delinquent debts.

For those who meet the eligibility requirements, Chapter 7 provides a clean start. Eligible debt is eliminated completely and the debtor has no further obligation to their creditors. Keep in mind, there are certain debts which are not eligible including most taxes and child support payments.

Chapter 13 is known more commonly as wage-earners bankruptcy. Working with a bankruptcy attorney, you would develop a plan to repay your outstanding debts over a period of up to five years.

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

One of the concerns people often have when filing bankruptcy is losing their assets. Those who file bankruptcy can exempt certain property from the proceedings, protecting those assets from being liquidated to repay assets. In Ohio, bankruptcy filers are not eligible to use federal exemptions but the state exemptions are generous. Married couples may double the exemptions if they are filing together.

Some of the common exemptions include motor vehicles worth up to $3,775, up to $12,625 in household items and most retirement accounts. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you determine what assets are exempt as well as help you prepare the documentation required by the courts.

If you have recently lost a job, gone through a divorce, or have had health issues resulting in your debt getting out of hand, contact D. Derk Demaree at (740) 393-1122 for information regarding filing for bankruptcy.